Shipping and Handling Estimates
We are currently shipping to US Domestic locations ONLY.  No foreign, Canadian, or Mexico orders are being processed at this time. 

All of our current collections of fabric are on clearance at $3.99 per yard.  Shipping is based on number of yards purchased that will fit into flat rate priority envelopes or boxes.  We will adjust the shipping cost when your order is complete.  We always ship priority through the post office with shipping confirmation and insurance.    Your charges will generally fit into one or a combination of these methods depending on your total yardage.

1 - 1.5 yds    $2.50 (first class or parcel rate envelope)
2 - 6 yds     $6.45  regular or legal flat rate envelope
7 - 22 yds   $13.45  medium flat rate box
23-32 yds   $18.75  large flat rate box
more than 32 yards, we will combine boxes/envelopes above to give you the best rate.

Please tell us in customer notes how to handle filling your order if we do not have the full amount of something you have ordered:  Tell us to either....
          ____Send what we have
          ____Cancel that item on my order
          ____Depends -- Call me...I might need that exact amount ordered
          ____email me with details and I'll get back to you.

If you do not give specific instructions, we will send what we have and adjust the amount due. 

Please contact us if you wish special handling or expedited shipping.  We look forward to serving you!
If you need assistance, please contact me by email:

Thank You!